Chiropractor Sandgate - Atlas Orthogonal Technique
New Era Chiropractic is your Sandgate Chiropractor

New Era Chiropractic..
no ordinary chiropractor!
“the upper cervical care practitioners”
If you or your child suffers from:
Back or neck pain
Headaches or earaches
Jaw or knee problems
Feeling "Out of balance"
Bowel dysfunction
Chronic crying
Recurrent infections
Tight muscles
Bad posture
Or other persistent conditions

Help is at hand...
relief may be possible
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Introducing New Era Chiropractic
A Chiropractor's approach to Wellness without manual manipulation
At New Era Chiropractic we combine the latest techniques and technology with over one hundred years of chiropractic history to provide you with the very best chiropractic care.

New Era Chiropractic practice the Atlas Orthogonal Technique at their Sandgate Chiropractor Clinic